3 Easy Ways You Can Dispose a Mattress

Do you need help with how to discard your old mattress? Although mattresses are large and cumbersome, there are numerous easy disposal methods, like dumpster rental. Here are some that easily answer the question:

Rent a Dumpster

When conducting a home cleanout that includes disposing of an old mattress, consider renting a dumpster as an efficient way to dispose of all your unwanted items simultaneously. By having a dumpster on your property, you can effortlessly load your mattress, box spring, and any other debris and remove it once the cleanup is complete. Dumpster rentals offer an affordable junk removal solution, allowing you to keep the dumpster on-site for a weekend or more, enabling you to work at a comfortable pace.

Ask Your Local Trash Collection Service

In certain locations, local city waste collection services may pick up mattresses during their weekly collection or on designated large item pick-up days. Contact your local waste and recycling service to find out if this is available in your region and how to prepare items for collection properly.

Work with Professional Junk Removers

Another alternative for getting rid of your mattress is to use a junk removal service. The service will send a team to your place to load your mattress and other unwanted items onto their vehicle. The cost of this service will be determined based on the amount of space your belongings occupy in the truck. It is vital to note that you must be present during the process and adhere to the two-hour time frame allotted by the company.

Bonus Tip: You Can Also Recycle

Want to rejuvenate your old mattress? You can consider several recycling alternatives to prevent it from wasting away in a landfill and help decrease your environmental impact.

  • In California, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, it is mandatory to recycle mattresses using a program managed by the Mattress Recycling Council. This service ranges from $10 to $17 per mattress. 
  • To dispose of your mattress in these areas, you can either have the seller take it away when they deliver your new mattress or personally take it to an approved recycling center.

In addition, over 20 states have at least one mattress recycling center. Check out this neat recycling guide to locate a facility in your area. Be aware that charges may be incurred.

  • When purchasing a new mattress, inquire with the seller if they can take away and recycle your old mattress upon delivering the new one. This frequently offered service is handy, though it might involve a minor charge.

In Closing

As mentioned today, one can throw a mattress in a dumpster in several easy ways. Whether you rent a truck or van, call a junk removal service, or recycle them, so they still have a second lease, the key is ensuring that the mattress is disposed of properly and safely. Following these tips, you can dispose of your old mattress easily and without hassle.

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