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Is the price flat rate? Any other fees?

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Yes, the price includes: Drop off, pick up, and landfill fees.
The only time we charge extra is if it goes (1)overweight, (2) needs extra time with it, (3) if it's out of our service area.

What can we not throw inside the dumpster?

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Materials we do not allow inside roll-offs are dirt, rocks, concrete, shingles, tires, chemicals, and anything that could be hazardous. We also only allow (1) Mattress per bin. If you have more than (1), there is a charge of $30 per mattress.

Why only (1) mattress per dumpster?

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This is due to a fee incurred to us by our landfill. If you are throwing away more than (1) mattress, please let us know beforehand. We do charge $30 per extra mattress.

What if I need more than seven days?

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We allow rentals longer than seven days but with a fee—of $15 per day or $75 per week.

Am I in your Service Area?

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Our service area base rate is all around highway E-470 (excluding Littleton). If you are outside E-470, we might still deliver there but with an extra fee. Please check the service area map to make sure we deliver there.

Do you guys offer same-day Delivery?

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Yes, we do! But of course, all that varies with availability. Give us a call at 303-883-6050 for more information.

Why can't I throw away dirt, rocks, concrete, or shingles?

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We do not allow any dirt, rocks, concrete, or shingles because of weight issues. All of the following items tend to be heavy, and all of our dumpsters come with a certain amount of tons per dumpster roll-off. If you do wish to throw away any of the above materials inside the roll-off, please give us a call first.

Do I need to be home when they deliver the roll-off?

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You do not. However, please let us know where exactly you would like the dumpster placed. It also helps if you send us pictures of exactly where you would like the dumpster placed.

How do I know if my dumpster is overweight?

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We will send you a copy of your receipt from the landfill. We can only know once the driver picks up the roll-off and takes it to the landfill where they weigh it.

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